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Purchasing Originals 

Please contact Terry about the purchase of his original paintings.  All paintings are framed.  If available, an email of the framed painting and the price will be emailed to you upon request.  If the painting you are interested in is currently on display in an art show or gallery, Terry will explain where, and how you might look at it and purchase the painting where displayed, saving yourself shipping charges.  Paintings at the artist's home may be seen or purchased by appointment.  Paintings may be packed and shipped at the buyer's expense.  Paintings sold through a NC gallery, show or purchased at the artist's home are subject to the 8% NC sales tax.

The following titles are sold or unavailable:

"An Evening With Paco" 18" x 24" SOLD
"Anticipation" 24" x 28" SOLD
"Banana Series No. 4" 20" x 24" SOLD
"Big Adventure on Little Creek" 30" x 36" NFS
"Canyonlands" 30" x 40" SOLD
"Capital Reef" 30" x 40" SOLD
"Castles in the Sand" 24" x 30" SOLD
"Fall Fugue" 24" x 30" SOLD
"Fifth Generation Potter" 36" x 36" SOLD
"Glacier National Park" 30" x 40" SOLD
"Happy Hour" 30" x 36" SOLD
"Harbor Island" 22" x 28" SOLD
"Island Parking" 30" x 40" SOLD
"Island Reflections" 24" x 30" SOLD
"Lobsterman's Cove" 24" x 30" SOLD
"Long Term Parking" 24" x 30" SOLD
"OK, Let's Go!" 24" x 30" SOLD
"Pages Creek" 16" x 20" SOLD
"Pages Creek Marina" 14" x 18" SOLD
"Peaceful Harbor" 24" x 36" SOLD
"Practicing for the Race" 24" x 30" SOLD
"Reaching for the Light" 24" x 30" SOLD
"Resting Dinghies II" 30" x 40" SOLD
"Telluride, Colorado" 30" x 40" SOLD
"The Connoisseur" 30" x 40" SOLD
"The House on the Rock" 22" x 28" SOLD
"The Lightkeeper's House" 16" x 20" SOLD
"Winter Morning on the Sound" 30"x 36" SOLD